December Meeting

Next meeting/Christmas Quiz
The next meeting is on Monday 13th December and will be our annual  Christmas quiz. This is a general knowledge quiz so you dont need to dig out your old course notes and revise your bee diseases etc etc. Its a table with teams of 4 {ish} and we have invited other Associations will come along and compete for a shield which is presented annually. Its not a serious quiz night the main object is to come along for a pleasant evening of chat and enjoyment.

As part of the evening we provide a light supper at the end to which we would ask you to bring along a contibution. This could be a plate of sandwiches, a cake, or some traybakes. We usually leave it up to individuals to decide what to bring and it always seems to work out.

On the downside Philip has asked me to remind you that this is the last meeting at which you can pay your fees which will include the 3rd party insurance cover from the UBKA. After this date your will need to pay the insurance directly to the UBKA.
Winter Sales
Another reminder that the Thornes sale started yesterday, Monday 29th and that Maisemore’s sale has been running for a few weeks. These sales are a good opportunity for you to pick up items such as frames, supers etc. at a reduced price. For beginners please
speak to some of the more experienced beekeepers for advice on what you will need to get started.
Prliminary Beeking Course
For those who have applied to do the preliminary course next year I will hope to have some information for you shortly. One thing has been decided {by the UBKA} that the price this year should be £100, this will include the fee for the exam.

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