Preliminary Beekeeping Course Schedule

The course will start at 7.30 on Tuesday 22nd February and run for approximately 8 weeks on subsequent Tuesdays. Each evening will last roughly an hour and a half and will include two lecture sessions with a coffee break in the middle. There will be 3 course tutors, all from the Belfast Association, Esther Ross, Alan Jones and Philip Earle. If you have attended any of our  monthly meeting you may have met some of them. The intention is to cover all the required elements of the classroom based section of the course before moving to the apiary for at least 2 practical sessions. These cannot take place until the weather is warmer and preferably it isnt raining. So we will be arranging these on evenings which suit you and the bees.

If you haven’t paid the fee yet please speak to the tutor on the night about this. The course fee includes the classroom sessions, practical sessions, membership of the Belfast Association until September, insurance and the exam fee. The exam will be held in early May and is not too arduous, the pass rate is high, and you will be presented with a rather nice certificate by the UBKA.

The location for the course is the Aslan Centre, Knocknogoney. This is just past the large Tesco store. Its a Church of Ireland church hall with parking in the grounds. If you plug the address below into Google maps you will get directions. Google street view actually shows the house next door but look to the left of this and you see the Aslan Centre quite clearly – you can even read the sign.


I am attending the intermediate beeking course for many of the nights but hope to come along on a couple of the nights to help out and meet you. I hope to offer additional/alternative practical sessions, possibly on Thursday evenings or Saturday mornings.

If you need more information please contact me. Look up the UBKA site for contact details or email I hope you enjoy the course as much as I did and look forward to meeting you on one of the evenings.
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