Wax Service

I have the following message from Philip Earle which may interest many of you:

My beekeeping year started Saturday and just to let everyone know that I am in the process of making foundation for 2011 and for all those persons who gave me wax this has now been converted.  If anyone out there has lumps of wax lying in a corner now is the time to get it converted to fresh foundation, you dont have to spend a penny, for every 1lb of wax you get 4 sheets of standard brood wired.

I will also sell foundation all sourced from Northern Ireland Wax, same as last year £7.50 per 10 sheets (limited supply). And dont forget, my foundation is equivalent to Thornes premium grade foundation (made from UK wax) which now costs a rediculus £9.65 per 10 sheets not including postage. Also, the stuff Thornes give out (thin standard grade) is made from chineese/african wax which is known to be heavily contaminated with chemicals.

If you have wax and dont want foundation why not sell it to me, Thornes offer £1.50 per Kg or £2.50 if you agree to purchase something from their shop…. I will buy clean beeswax at £2-50 per Kg  — eg for 50Kg you get £125
Now’s the time to get them new frames prepared as you’ll need them in the next 6 weeks for setting up supers, brood boxes and setting up new nucs for those queens youre going to raise, and of course, get ready for that unexpected swarm

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One Response to Wax Service

  1. Phil Earle says:

    See this referance for an interesting article on wax contamination


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