Annual Dinner

We have have had a terrific response in fact so many its going to be a tight squeeze.
We have actually had to limit the numbers to 45 and some have been disappointed, so if you have to cancel please let me know asap and I will contact the reserve list. Also I dont have a couple of email addresses for some people so if you are going with friends can you contact them and check they know the details. {Could you ask them to email me if they haven’t received an email about the meal.}

So now for the details.

Clandeboye courtyard, for those who haven’t been before, the entrance to the estate is just after {if travelling from Belfast} the set of traffic lights at the end of the dual carriageway. Just after the lights and there is a break in the central reservation opposite the gates on the right. Go through the gates and follow the main drive to the car park. The meal is in the courtyard, just to the left in the corner. However we hope that we can show as many as possible of you the beehouse in the walled garden. You shouldn’t need your veil.

The meal is booked for 8.00pm but if you want to see the beehouse please arrive at 7.15, if its good weather {??} we can have a very pleasant walk and a chat before the meal. If you arrive between 7.30 and 8.00 and dont see anyone please wait in the car park we will find you.

It will be a cafeteria style service, with several options. The chef is from Kerala and will prepare some of his native dishes. These are spicey but not hot so I have asked for a coronation style chicken alternative for those who are not keen on spicey food. If you haven’t requested this dish, please check before taking it as it is only available in limited numbers. Also there should be vegetarian options.

There will be juice and water available, please feel free to bring any additional refreshments.

Its £15 per person and this will be collected on the night. Last year asked each table to make a collection for the staff of about £2 per head as well.

I hope I have covered anything, if there is other queries feel free to ask.

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