Summer Programme in Full Swing

The summer season, for the beekeeper, is the hands on time of the year.  The sweet smell of nectar in the air not only tempts the bees out from their hives, the beekeeper’s nose is drawn out from behind their books or from their shed to put winter learning into practice.  The B&DBKA currently have 2 weekly meetings during the summer for beekeepers to improve their skills and learn new techniques.  One of the weekly meetings is specifically for the rearing of queens for local stock improvement.  There has been a great turnout this year so far:



Visiting our association one week was Willy Blakely, who gave us practical tips on grafting larvae of a suitable age into cell cups:


Practical demonstrations by the association secretary Jonathan Getty give everyone the chance to see  how to set up colonies to raise queen cells:

IMAG0923The result of course is the queen cell with a quality native Irish queen ready to hatch out:

IMAG1010The good news is that summer isn’t over yet!!






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God Fearing, fire fighting, bee keeping, lover of nature aiming ultimately at sustainable practises across all areas of life!
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