2019 Course Registration

Please note the course dates and times on this page may be changed but the basic information should be correct. Please check closer to course start time for confirmation.

There will be two courses running with similar content at two different venues and weekdays. These are:

Tuesdays at Glenburn Methodist Church Hall starting on 19th February 2019 at 7.30pm

Wednesdays at Colin Glen Allotments starting on 20th February 2019 at 7.00pm

The online course registration comprises 2 stages, first you need to register as a student with CAFRE and then enrol and pay for the course. These processes are described below.

CAFRE have provided a guide to using their site click here to view – its a Word document.

Please email the Belfast secretary when you have enrolled, as at present we are not informed when people sign up for the course.

Help is available with the online registration if you phone Tel: 02894426880

Course Information.

Please go to the webpage below to find a brief description of the course and the link to the course enrollment page.

Bees – Preliminary Beekeeper’s Course

Note the course details state 10 weeks the Belfast courses are held over 12 weeks to include 2 extra practical nights.

Online registration.

If you click the link to enrol online you will be first redirected to a page to register or sign in. This is a simple online form as described below.


In first frame/box fill in personal details down to the county/country, the rest are optional.

In second frame fill in email address (twice) and a password (twice). This password should be memorable but not one used in important sites such as online banking.

Once registrered you will be re-directed to


Scroll down to the section headed “Industry training courses:” and click on “Bee Keeping ”

Course Enrolment

Once you have reached the page listing the various courses the Belfast courses are on the second page so you will need to click the link  [next >>] to view the second page. There are 2 Belfast courses with different venues. One will run on Tuesday nights in Glenburn Church Hall [off Knock dual carriageway] and one on Wednesday nights in Colin Glen Allotments . Please select one of these and complete the subsequent forms. [There are a number of pages – sorry but we have been forced to follow this procedure.]