Honey Show 2017

The Annual Honey Show will take place on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of September. The venue is the Botanic Gardens, Belfast and will feature as a element in Belfast City Council’s Autumn Show.

Please try to entry this year and come along to chat and help during the opening times. Entries may be submitted on Saturday morning until 10.00 and Friday afternoon and evening but please note the association stall may not be manned constantly on Friday {probably only in the evening}.

The show is open to the public 12.30 to 6.00 and admission is free. Please note there is probably no car parking on Sunday in the Queen’s car parks due another event.

Members may also sell honey during the show but this there is a charge for this. There will be a maximum of two people selling honey and related products for each day. Each day will incur a fee of £5 which will be waived if 3 items (per day) have been entered in the honey classes of the show (classes  93- 104 and 115-118).   Contact the honey show manager to book a day, details for this will be sent out in a separate email to association members. Members must pre-book to sell honey at the show.

Website: Belfast City Council Autumn Fair