February Meeting

The next meeting will take place on 12th February 2018 the speaker will be Orla Maguire, Belfast Council Biodiversity Officer who will talk about many of the local environmental issues we have in common as beekeepers.

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Annual UBKA conference

The annual UBKA conference will take place on 9th &10th March 2018 2018 .
The Conference takes place at Greenmount Agricultural College Antrim.
You can find information and book online at https://www.ubka.org
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January 2018 Meeting

Monday 8th January 7.30pm CFC, High Street, Holywood
Mini Lecture and Honey/Mead Tasting
Following the same format as last year we will have the items listed below:
  • Winter Varroa – treatment and hive insulation for January
  • Making Insulation – how to make insulation blocks for hives
  • Candle Making – how to make wax candles
  • Honey Tasting – please bring your own honey, a special prize for the winner
  • Mead Tasting – prize winning mead – plus bring your own if want
If you have a item of interest please bring it along on Monday.
Each lecture should take about 20 mins.
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December Meeting 11th

Christmas Quiz
The next meeting is on Monday 11th December at 7.30 and is the annual quiz night which is a great social event. Feel free to bring along snacks or any other goodies to share afterwards.
Winter Varroa Treatment
It’s December so if you plan to treat your colonies with oxalic acid any time soon from here on could be good, particularlly during a colder period when the daytime tempreture is a max of 5C and the bees are potentially broodless. The routine will be the same as in previous years.
David McCartney will be there on Monday to collect your £20 membership, time is running out and this will be your last oportunity to pay David.
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Next Meeting: 13th November

Pollen: From Flower to Food

This talk will consist of 3 sections, 1: the production pollen by flowers, 2: the  mechanism bees use in flight to transfer pollen to the hive, 3; the importance of pollen to the honey bee.


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Introductory Course on Beekeeping

We will have information on this site shortly about how to register for the 2018 Preliminary Beekeeping course. The registration process is different this year and we are currently setting up a page with instructions.

Please note we will run 2 separate courses covering the same material they will run on a similar schedule provisionally starting Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st February 2018. The Tuesday course will be based in Glenburn Methodist Church Hall, just off the Knock dual-carriageway near Castlereagh Road junction, and the Wednesday class in Musgrave Bowling Pavillion in Musgrave Park, South Belfast.


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October Meeting

The October meeting will be on 9th and will feature a talk from Patrick Lundy on Honey Bee Democracy. This is a rerun of Patrick’s talk at Gormanston this year and is drawn from Tom Seeley’s book as well as his talk at last year’s Greenmount conference. Tom Seeley’s research on the communication with in the honey bee colony is world famous and this should be an excellent review of his work.

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