Membership Fees

The annual membership fee is now due. This will cover the beekeeper for insurance for the year starting January 2019. It is very important that members pay this on time or they may not be covered by insurance. Late payment causes a lot of extra work for the membership secretary and may result in non-payment of the insurance premium.

David McCartney,  membership Secretary, will be taking £20 membership fees on behalf of our members at the November meeting. Please try and pay asap as it will help us get the new membership cards issued as soon as possible.

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November Meeting

The next meeting of Belfast Beekeepers is on Monday 12th November 7.30pm at the usual venue in Holywood, the CFC Hall. The speaker for this meeting is Dr Archie Murchie who will be discussing the situation of bees and beekeeping in NI in relation to his role at AFBI (Newforge.)
AFBI has responsibility for bee disease testing and for keeping statistics on bees, beekeepers, and honey production in NI

Dr Murchie is Senior Scientific Officer at the Agrifood and Biosciences Institute, Northern Ireland. His research interests concern the use of functional biodiversity in sustainable agriculture and the targeted management of crop pests, vectors of disease and invasive species. Dr Murchie’s laboratory provides support to Government and industry in the areas of plant health, integrated pest management, bee health and vector management.

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2019 Courses now open for enrolment.

Our introductory beekeeping course are now open for enrolment. There will hopefully be 2 courses running concurrently on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from the 3rd week in February to sometime in May, weather dependent. More information will follow but the guidelines for the 2018 enrolment should be essentially the same for this year.


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October meeting

The next meeting is on 8th October and will feature a talk by John Hill on the Asian Hornet. This is the latest threat to our honey bees and has been steadily approaching across Europe. They have been spreading across France despite strenuous efforts to stop their progress and a couple of nest have been destroyed in England. John’s talk should be interesting and informative if a little worrying for us beekeepers.


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2018 Honey Show

This year’s honey show will take place 15th and 16th September in Botanic Gardens. Please see the web page for more details.

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2017 and 2016 exam papers

The 2016 and 2017 preliminary exam papers are now available here

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New Privacy Notice (GDPR)

The association has produced a privacy notice to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This can be viewed here

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