Swarm Collection

A number of members of the Belfast and District Beekeeping Association are prepared to attend a swarm and advise on the action needed to deal with the swarm. If the swarm is in a suitable location the person who attends may be prepared to remove the swarm. However if the swarm is high up on a building or tree which would require ladders etc. we may not remove it but will advise if professional services should be sought. It is a common belief that swarms are of value to beekeepers however this is not strictly true. Many swarms will involve considerable work by the beekeeper to produce a useful colony and the beekeeper will risk introducing disease or other problems to their apiary.

There are a number of types of common bees and we would ask you to read below to confirm you have honeybees swarming before contacting us.

This is a Honey Bee:


This is a Bumblebee:


This is a miner bee:


A swarm is a cluster of honeybees usually described as the size and shape of a rugby ball hanging from a branch, hedge, gatepost, or even a car (a recent local news sensation). Below is a picture of a swarm:



In many instances the beekeeper attending a swarm will do so at no charge but we reserve the right to charge a fee for swarm removal in commercial premises.

A list of beekeepers who may be called to attend a swarm is available here


We would like to thank the bumblebee conservation trust, moraybeedinosaurs, and BBKA for the use of images and more indepth information can be found at their websites.

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