Contact List

Please see the page here for more information about swarm collection.

Beekeepers who will attend a swarm

Name Contact Phone Region/Comments
Alan Rea 07856962666 Belfast and North Down
Phelim Breen 07544334293 North Down
David Morgan 07968619665 Dundonald, Bangor and Ards

5 Responses to Contact List

  1. Tommy says:

    Do honey bees rest in the sun on buildings? My reason for asking is in the last week with the good weather, I have had about 30 or 40 on the rear of the house where the sun shines. The neighbours houses are also covered about 3 each side from what I can see. The bees settle but skit around the back when the sun is out.



    • Hi,

      These are most likely not honey bees but a species of hover fly. A number of such occurrences have been reported. The particular hover fly is very similar in size and shape to a honey bee. However honeybees will be unlikely to congregate in groups on a wall unless its a swarm. A swarm is a tightly knit group of bees which will contain several thousand bees and will be about the volume of a rugby ball.

    • These are more likely to be mason bees or another species of solitary bee which don’t have the benefit of returning to a large colony for heat. Honey bees will rest to breathe but will normally return to the hive.

  2. Lee Smyth says:

    Hi there,
    Have you any advice for dealing with nests in flues/chimneys?

    I obviously don’t want to use pest control, but they will present a significant risk as I see it to my young children by coming down the chimney into the house. I’ve had the problem a few years ago and it’s starting again!!!


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